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Have you heard of Malinda, the witch from the south side of Oz?
Of course not. You have to be really good or really wicked to
become a famous witch in Oz. Malinda isn’t as good as her sister
Glinda, but she’s not as bad as the other two either. Malinda
is, well, unpredictable. Unlike that goody-two-shoes Glinda,
Malinda is hot, hot, hot. You could say she’s a fiery, friendly
trickster- and precocious.  When she was only seventeen, she
cast a spell that turned the south fork of the Yellow Brick Road
to red! It seemed like the right thing to do. Afterall, the
Yellow Brick Road leads to Emerald City. The road to Ruby City,
where Malinda wants to live, should be red.
And then there’s those shiny red ruby shoes she created! She
magicked them up to help herself calm down, but they ended up
tapping into her passion instead. She excitedly shared her
creation with her “so-called” friend, Tessa (the witch of the
East), and wouldn’t you know it, Tessa turned green with envy
and stole them right out from under her nose! She used a naïve
but determined girl from Nebraska, who also happens to be the
niece of the current Wizard of Oz, to do it. Karma has a way of
dealing with jealous thieves and used another naïve girl, this
one from Kansas, to drop a house on that brat of a witch. Before
Malinda could reclaim her lovely shoes, her very own lime-light
stealing sister, Glinda, gave them away to that Kansas girl!

The Red Brick Road - The Untold Story of the Witch of the South by Bo Bradley

  • All scripts are sent in the form of a PDF.  You may request a reading copy.  No performance may take place without a licence. 

    Licences include unlimted printing rights. 

    The cost of a single script purchase will be refunded if you produce the play at a future date

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