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A collection of ten monologues for teenagers.  Ideal for youth theatre groups.   Can be performed in any order to create a complete production or see individual titles for solo performances.  

Coin Toss 

A teenage girl’s worst nightmare is realized when she discovers she’s pregnant. Further, she’s getting no help in deciding what to do from Joey, the boy she once imagined she’d spend the rest of her life with. Her methodical approach to weighing the pros and cons is challenged by the observation that her boyfriend has gone through his life thus far leaving everything to Fate. Maybe she should do the same?

Gilt by Association

Gilt By Association’ centers on a role that can be played by either gender and focuses on a current U.S. scandal you may have been following; specifically, parents who have paid large sums of cash to ensure their college-bound offspring get into the best universities. By the monologue's end, audiences are left to wonder just how much--or how little--the student knew about his/her parents' behind-the-scenes manipulations.

Phee and Hammie 4-Ever

Phee is a delightfully funny teenage girl with unrivalled ‘clueless ditziness’ as she celebrates her month-long relationship with the love of her life, Hammie.
Her story-line will doubtless be familiar to audiences as the monologue progresses but we won’t tell you any more for reasons that will become obvious.  Read it!  You will just love it.


The teenager in this monologue can be played by a boy or girl.
S/he tells in moving terms the story of her loss of a brother but all is not as it first appears.   Watch out for a surprise ending.

The Giveaway

The TEENAGER is sitting on a park bench. S/he checks a cell phone, scowls, puts it back in pocket. It’s obvious s/he is waiting for someone who is late. Should this be cause for worry? Annoyance? Stress? Between the foot-tapping, the frenetic fidgeting and the soon-to-be pacing, it’s hard to tell whether this young person even wants to be here.

No Forwarding Address

Addie is a teenage girl on the verge of homelessness as her mother trails her
from place to place, never staying long enough to make real friends or form relationships.
This is a sad, moving account of life on the streets.  ‘Most of the time I just try to keep
my head down and blend in with everyone else so nobody can get too close.


A teenage boy tells of a chance encounter in the park with an old lady
who offers him advice but will he take it?  And what would be the consequences if he did?

Window Dressing 

What do all of us look like from the other side of a department store window?
An outspoken mannequin shares her views.

Bubble Bubble 

‘The problem with having older sisters is that when they get bored, they both go off the deep end and start doing really stupid stuff … and I’m not just talking about them messing around with my hair and makeup. I’m talking about stupid stuff like turning princes into frogs or putting entire kingdoms to sleep for a hundred years. And when they do this, they both expect me to be their plucky wingwoman. Do they ever listen, though? Of course not!’

A.I. Yorick

2m – one of whom is voice-only – the speaking skull of Yorick.
Can artificial intelligence in the time of Shakespeare
thwart a rotten plot afoot to unseat a Danish king?


Talking Teens by Christina Hamlett

  • All scripts are sent in the form of a PDF.  You may request a reading copy.  No performance may take place without a licence. 

    Licences include unlimted printing rights. 

    The cost of a single script purchase will be refunded if you produce the play at a future date

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