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Sarah, Red Riding Hood, has her eighteenth birthday in a few days and
Grandma has arranged for a special red cape to celebrate it. The cape is
brought a few days prior to her birthday by Prince John. His family and
Grandma Burkes family were once great friends. Unfortunately, time has
depleted that friendship, so Grandma feels if Prince John delivers the cape,
not only will the family friendship be reunited but maybe romance will ignite
with Sarah. Indigestion, the ugly Witch, envy’s Red Riding Hoods’ beauty and
has plans to take that beauty for herself using a magic spell. With the help of
Sylvester, the wolf, not only will she get rid of Grandma but Indigestion’s
ugliness and Red Riding Hood's beauty will swap bodies. This leaves
Sylvester to eat Grandma and Red Riding Hood instead of Indigestion’s awful disagreeable cooking. Twinkle Toes, the fairy, does what fairies always do and stops this evil happening but not before plenty of fun has been had along the way. Within this web of storytelling, Senna Pod, a Gypsy, predicts the future and becomes sucked into this web of evil. Meanwhile, Wally Burke, Sarah’s brother, hasn’t a clue about what’s happening. Leaving Miss Flip and Miss Flop, two local gossips, who, instead of learning the plight of Red Riding Hood by tittle tattle, prefer to witness the events at first hand. The final showdown happens in Grandmas bedroom, where Sylvester impersonates Grandma, then Red Riding Hood. Needless to say, it all goes wrong and Indigestion becomes no more. Sylvester, becomes an affectionate pet for Grandma to keep her company as Red Riding Hood agrees to marry Prince John, who one day will be King. The finale walk-down scene sees Red Riding Hood wearing her glittering new cape given by Grandma to celebrate her eighteenth birthday.

Red Riding Hood by William Dockings

  • All scripts are sent in the form of a PDF.  You may request a reading copy.  No performance may take place without a licence. 

    Licences include unlimted printing rights. 

    The cost of a single script purchase will be refunded if you produce the play at a future date

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