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The story revolves around Count Edam Gouda taking King Leerdammer’s
money and Castle. The Count also wishes to have the Kings daughter, Princess Narcissa as a wife. Fairy Tulip, who semi-narrates the pantomime and plays a comedy role, enrols the power of D’Arcy, Puss in Boots. Dame Miller and her three sons provide some of the usual antics along with Van Der Winkle who is a local trader. The King has a maid/housekeeper, Lotte. She is the only character that speaks with some scripted Dutch influence which helps to make her a very comical character. Through various twists and turns interspersed with good family comedy and song, Count Edam Gouda finally comes face to face with D’Arcy, Puss in Boots. Through the magic of Puss in Boots, Count Edam Gouda is no more and merely becomes two individual cheeses! The Pantomime ends with the marriage of Princess Narcissa and Harry, Dame Miller’s eldest son.  With the King and Dame Miller looking forward to life in wedded bliss…. or maybe not!

Puss in Boots by William Dockings

  • All scripts are sent in the form of a PDF.  You may request a reading copy.  No performance may take place without a licence. 

    Licences include unlimted printing rights. 

    The cost of a single script purchase will be refunded if you produce the play at a future date

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