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Now available as a complete collection of 10 monologues.   Ideal one woman show.  Would make an ideal series for radio or weekly readings.    


Heather Powell was born in Dalkey, Co. Dublin and travelled the world throughout her life. She now lives in Bateman’s Bay, New South Wales and every morning around five a.m. she heads for the nearby beach to watch the sunrise.


Morning Musings 1 - Planet Therapy 


‘ Just me and the planet,’ she writes. ‘This is the most inspirational time of the day for me.


Morning Musings 2 -  Choices 


In this, the second of Heather Powell’s early morning musings on the beach, she thinks about the choices we all have to make in life but in particular recalls the most difficult choice a friend of hers had to make.


Morning Musings 3 - The Cartoon


A simple, amusing cartoon sent by a friend leads to some very profound thinking about the varied perspectives from which we can look at our lives.


Morning Musings 4 - Secret Scales 


I never cease to marvel at the invisible systems at work keeping our galaxy eternally balanced so the whole Creation Story does not simply topple in on itself.


Morning Musings 5 - Numbed by Numbers 


Sitting on her beach beneath the morning stars, Heather reflects on how, during her schooldays, numbers were an absolute anathema to her until she came to realise that there is virtually nothing in the entire Universe that is not governed by the principles of mathematics.


Morning Musings 6 - The Human Parrot


I wonder if this could be what Is currently happening to certain humans while the planet is in this virus shutdown thing? It would almost seem to me as though ‘time’ is being forcibly placed into our hands, encouraging us to explore our inner world, giving us a glimpse of a realm we might ordinarily never have the time or inclination to explore. What terrors or treasures might lurk in those unexamined depths of our minds? I don’t suppose most of us know till we are strongly prompted to try.’


Morning Musings 7 - When Will We Get Back Together? 


When will we get back to normal?  After eleven months of the Covid story this ‘back to normal’ has become, what seems to me, an almost mindless chant. A few mornings ago  I awoke to find my mind asking me, ‘What actually is Normal - this word we bandy around so freely and so frequently?'


Morning Musings 8 - Memory 


Maybe memory should be perceived as a potentially powerful tool that most of us unwittingly possess.  A formidable double-edged tool - one that can either kill us or cure us, can initiate joy or suffering, depending on how aware we are of its attributes, and how competently we can learn to manage its powers.


Morning Musings 9 - Wild New Vaccine 


Love replacing the fear that precipitates wars and racial violence, love replacing the fear of “not enough”  that generates  greed, fraud and hoarding,  Love melting the fear of personal disempowerment that creates domestic violence  (Laughing) Now that is a vaccine to which I would smilingly submit. It is already melting my previous antagonism into a flash of excited anticipation.


Morning Musings 10 - Journey to the Moon 


Perhaps this current global virus is part of some mysterious setup, a riddle – an intentional opportunity to well and truly stop humanity from proceeding any further along its currently crazy track. Could it be an enforced opportunity to be still and ask ourselves different questions?

Morning Musings - Complete Collection

  • All scripts are sent in the form of a PDF.  You may request a reading copy.  No performance may take place without a licence. 

    Licences include unlimted printing rights. 

    The cost of a single script purchase will be refunded if you produce the play at a future date

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