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Aunt Ethel has died and the vicar arrives on the opening day of the football season to make arrangements for the funeral and various church events, but this is hampered by the family’s reluctance to let anything get in the way of the season’s football fixtures.  When his daughter announces she’s not going to the opening match, the man of the house worries that her new boyfriend may actually be a cricket fan.

After the funeral, there is excitement in the run up to the local derby match.  Jokes are made at the derby rival’s expense before family and neighbours set off for the match.  The daughter and her boyfriend are the last to leave, when it becomes apparent that the boyfriend is not a cricket fan but supports the rival football team.

It’s decided that it’s best that the man of the house isn’t told of the boyfriend’s allegiance to the rival team until after the men get to know him.  Plans to keep the secret do not go well and the awful truth comes out.  The situation is not helped by the arrival of a very large new TV, bought with an inheritance from Aunt Ethel, and a younger family member trying to rehearse for the local drama group’s forthcoming play.  Matters get even worse when the couple decide to marry and after arguments, the man of the house leaves the house to calm down.  He later returns with the vicar, having had a change of heart and booked not only the church ceremony but also the reception.  The engaged couple are delighted until they find out where the “top venue” is – the function rooms at the local football ground!


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