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Betty is presented with new shoes which she decides to wear at the Christmas Ball but unknown to her, the shoes are magical. 

Fairy Crystal will qualify to use a magic wand if Betty uses the shoes to make a wish that benefits others, but the magic will be broken if Crystal tells Betty this.  The evil Mysteria wants the shoes for herself.  She enlists the help of the dim-witted Dilly and Dally who call at Betty’s house offering to polish shoes. 

Betty’s mother, Dame Dahlia, gives Dilly and Dally the magic shoes, in the hope that they look really special for the ball.  Dilly and Dally drop one of the shoes, (which is found and returned to Betty) but take the remaining shoe to Mysteria.

As they’ve not done the job properly, Mysteria refuses to pay Dilly and Dally, who become disgruntled and admit what they’ve done to Betty & her friends, including the handsome Prince Rupert.  They resolve to travel to the glade in the enchanted forest where they suspect Mysteria has hidden the shoe. 

After being frightened by one of Mysteria’s imps, the shoe is found so Betty can wear the pair to the ball, where Betty wishes for health and happiness for all, thus qualifying Crystal to use a wand.  Although Betty is not a princess, the King is so impressed by Betty’s good deed that he gives the handsome prince permission to marry her.  Mysteria is sorry for her misdeeds, and all live happily ever after. 

Betty Blue by Jane Wanless

  • All scripts are sent in the form of a PDF.  You may request a reading copy.  No performance may take place without a licence. 

    Licences include unlimted printing rights. 

    The cost of a single script purchase will be refunded if you produce the play at a future date

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