Young man Dick Whittington travels to London to see if the streets really are paved with gold.
He finds work at the house of merchant Mr Fitzwarren under working for the formidable cook,
Agatha Crumb, where he also finds the lovely Miss Alice.
Also arriving in London is the Rat King, who by tooth and claw seeks to clutch at the heart of England and make himself king. Rats overrun the city. Yet standing between him and his ambition is Dick and his faithful Cat. Vanquished, the Rat King flees for now.
Facing ruin, Dick sends his Cat on the merchant ship where the Cat faces the Rat king once more on distant shores. Bravery, loyalty, and quick thinking saves the day for all—and changes the future for Dick.
A traditional style panto with laughs and fun characters a-plenty. Roles for children are also included. There is a panto Dame, but they could be played by a woman—as could the Rat King, becoming the Rat Queen.

Dick Whittington & His Cat by Kate Maria Pennell

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